OpenTalks.AI 2020

We gathered most interesting speakers in the AI industry!
List is still updated!
Ruslan Salakhutdinov
Professor, Department of Artificial Intelligence, Carnegie University — Mellon
Arkady Sandler
Head of AI, MTS. Arkady leads AI integration into existing or developing products, e.g. develops chatbot platforms and improves telemedicine service using AI based technologies.
Alexander Krainov
Head of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Technologies at Yandex
Victor Lempitsky
Director of the Samsung Center for Artificial Intelligence in Moscow. Associate professor at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and lecturer at Yandex School of Data Science
Sapunov Grigory
Technical Director Intento. Specialist in artificial intelligence and data analysis. CTO and co-founder of Intento, founder of Eclass, ex-head of development of the Yandex.News service.
Andrey Ustyuzhanin
Head of joint projects with Yandex and CERN. He takes part in the development of the EventIndex and EventFilter services that Yandex has been providing for the LHCb experiment since 2011.
Dmitry Vetrov
HSE Research Professor, Head of the Center for Deep Learning and Bayesian Methods, and Samsung-HSE Joint Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence
Mikhail Petrov
Director of Digital Transformation Department

Dmitry Muromtsev
Associate Professor at Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems, Head of International Research Laboratory "Intelligent Information Processing Methods and Semantic Technologies", Chief Research Associate at International Research Laboratory "Intelligent Information Processing Methods and Semantic Technologies"

Alexey Potapov
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor at ITMO University

Konstantin Vorontsov
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Machine Intelligence, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Head of the Department of Intellectual Systems

Mikhail Burtsev
PhD in Physics and Mathematics, MIPT, iPavlov.ai
Anton Konushin
PhDin Mathematical. Associate Professor, Big Data and Information Retrieval Department, HSE Faculty of Computer Science.. Lecturer at Yandex School of Data Science
Sergey Nikolenko
Researcher at the Laboratory of Mathematical Logic of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Internet Research Laboratory of the Higher School of Economics, also teaches at the Academic University of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Director of Research (Chief Research Officer) Neuromatio platform
Sergey Arseniev
Head of the Department of New Medical Technologies, Research Institute for Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology, Co-Chair of the Information Technology Committee of the National Medical Chamber, Member of ARMIT. General Designer "AIS NDHT MEDIALOG"
Boris Zingerman
Head of Digital Medicine "Invitro", Member of the Expert Council on Information and Communication Technologies of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Head of the NBMZ
Peter Fedichev
Ph.D., candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. Founder and scientific director of Gero. Head of the Laboratory for Modeling Biological Systems, MIPT
Olga Perepelkina
COO & Scientific Director, Neurodata Lab
Stanislav Ashmanov
CEO Nanosemantics
Alexander Terekhov
Awecom, Inc & UC Berkeley
Head of Artificial Intelligence, Awecom, Inc, Researcher, Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, University of California, Berkeley
Vorobiev Alexander
Yandex.Market, Search Quality Analytics and Recommendations Service
Pavel Braslavsky
JetBrains Research/HSE St. Petersburg
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Candidate of Cultural Studies
Ilya Shenbin
Samsung-PDMI AI Center
Researcher at Samsung-PDMI AI Center
Ivan Yamshchikov
Max Planck Institute
Explores natural language processing techniques at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany. He also works as Artificial Intelligence Evangelist at ABBYY. Ivan is a co-founder of the Creaited Labs project, in which he and Alexey Tikhonov explore the creative possibilities of artificial intelligence. In addition, Ivan is making a techno-optimistic podcast, "Provetrimsya!", In which he discusses new technologies, ideas, and research areas.
Prozorov Alexander
Laboratory of Cyberphysical Systems; MIPT
Panov Maxim
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Senior Lecturer
Denis Yarats
New York University and Facebook AI Research
Phd Student and Sesearcher