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March 15-17
open conference
on artificial intelligence
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Submit Proposal

We are announcing an open call for papers and proposals (collection of applications for reports) for everyone. The best reports and panel sections are selected by the Program Committee and from them, as well as from invited speakers, a program is formed.

To submit your proposal, you need to follow the link at the bottom of this page, register in the LOMONOSOV Science Network and submit an application, including a topic, abstract, slides and / or article.

The first collection of applications takes place until 23:59
September 30, 2022

Until October 15, 2021, the Program Committee will consider the submitted proposals and select the best reports and sessions, forming the preliminary program of the Conference. Approved presenters will have time to finalize their presentations.

The terms of participation

Invited speakers participate in the conference free of charge.

Speakers who submitted a report and approved by the Program Committee participate in the conference free of charge.

Speakers who have submitted a report and are not approved by the Program Committee can participate in the conference on preferential terms, 50% of the registration cost at the time of submission of the report.

* the program committee may refuse to provide preferential conditions for registration in case of low quality of the application for the report.

Apply for a report

We collect applications on the partner platform
LOMONOSOV Scientific Network
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