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March 15-17
open conference
on artificial intelligence
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What is this conference about?

Around the world, there is a growing wave of developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), which is fundamentally changing technology, economy and society. This wave is being shaped by all of us - scientists and engineers, entrepreneurs and managers, giant corporations and start-up startups, investment funds and government agencies.
We often speak different languages, we may have different goals and interests. But we all want to move on, see more, understand where others are moving and anticipate what will happen tomorrow. That is why we are doing OpenTalks.AI, in order to gather all the participants in the AI industry on one independent platform, where scientists will meet with entrepreneurs, developers with customers, startups with investors.
A rich program, clear timing and moderation, a strict selection of reports, all AI professionals on one platform - this is the face of OpenTalks.AI.
At the OpenTalks.AI conference, there will be presentations of the best developments and solutions in the field of AI from Russia and abroad, and discussion of the AI phenomenon from all sides - science, business, ethics, philosophy and law. Tell us about yourself and your work, communicate, find partners, customers or investors.

Meals and coffee

We organise meals and coffee breaks, which is already included into registration fee. Lunch will be served in a form of a lunch-boxes.


We will announce the possibility of parking a car after choosing a venue for the conference.
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Conference is organized by IP Laboratories. OpenTalks.AI is an independent conference, nor govermental neither any large corporation. We think it is important to create independent platform, comfortable to every participant, despite of his size or importance. Therefore, we will be grateful to all sponsors, who will appreciate and support this platform.
Igor Pivovarov
Head of Org committee of OpenTalks.AI
Natalia Guteneva
Speeches and reports questions
Ilya Severov
Org questions
Elena Chinarina
Interaction with media partners


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