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March 15-17
open conference
on artificial intelligence
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For Scientists

OpenTalks.AI - ideal place for AI specialists.

You will listen to science and technological talks in different fields of AI appliction and meet to leading specialists on computer vision, natural language processing, data analsis and predictive analytics. You will see science visionaries, talking about last trends in AI development.

Also, there will be presentations on big and small companies, which arleady have working AI solutions for medicine, retail, lawyers, marketing, security, industry. We gather most bright speakers from leading companies in each field. You will see real cases, working in industry, find potential partners and customers.

Moreover, you will see fantastic discussions about ethical and legal aspects of creating and applying AI, about education and recruiting, you will participate in discussion how AI impacts to global balance and security and find out new AI initiatives and challenges announced.

Your talk

If you would like to present your talk to the scientific and business community, find collaborators, customers or investors – OpenTalks.AI is the best choice for you! Just propose us your talk and we return back to you.
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